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February 15, 2024

Swapping For Bliss

 A guide to creating happier lifestyle choices by making a BLNCD swap.

Now that we’ve hit February, the concept of “new year, new you” may have already proven easier said than done. We know from experience that forcing major change on yourself too quickly can result in defeat before you even get started. In this article, we’ll explore how swapping out bad habits and unhealthy choices for holistic and sustainable alternatives can improve your long-term well-being. Create harmony and balance through making small but meaningful adjustments to your daily routine, and experience the positive benefits they bring.

Switch Up Bedtime Habits

Though we may not realize it, our bedtime routines truly make an impact on our mental wellness and sleep health. Instead of zoning out on late night TV or doom-scrolling on your phone, switch it up for a more enriching experience. It can be as simple as winding down with a good book or inspiring podcast, or perhaps challenging yourself to learn something new and interesting each night. For those who have trouble falling or staying asleep, try nightly meditation to center yourself, or give different sleep podcasts and brain-stimulating audio recordings at try. From binaural beats to brown noise, people have been using low frequency soundscapes to improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, stimulate deep brain activity and mask disruptive outside noise. Pair your new bedtime routine of choice with BLNCD’s Sleep CBD Oil or our Sleep CBD + CBN gummies for an enhanced, natural approach to a truly restful night. 

Lose the Booze

Swapping alcoholic beverages for cannabis alternatives is actually the new black! Not only is it a better choice for your overall health, but replacing your beer, wine or cocktail with a THC beverage or cannabis edible helps you avoid a booze-induced hangover the next morning. Start small by switching up your evening glass of wine or happy hour beverage for a THC infused sparkling water or THC Mocktail. Or, get creative with BLNCD Fuse, our unflavored THC infusion vials designed for mixing into your own beverage creations. Want to learn more about the benefits of the Cali sober lifestyle? Check out our recent blog post outlining the amazing benefits.

It’s the Little Things

Mindful transformation happens over time! Changing up your daily routine in small ways can be a gateway to a more balanced lifestyle. Instead of drinks with a friend, catch up while taking a walk in the park to boost both serotonin and personal connection. Replace constant texting with FaceTime, phone calls or in-person hangs. Skip the sugar-loaded dessert in exchange for a tasty edible from BLNCD instead. Perhaps kick off your morning with an energizing meditation or some light stretching instead of reaching for your phone or laptop first. These little changes are easy, even pleasant, and make a positive impact on your overall mental/physical health and happiness. 

Self-Care Aware

Making time for yourself can be tough, but it’s absolutely essential. Whether you choose to take a relaxing bath with essential oils, work on a creative project, or carve out time for your skincare routine, BLNCD has you covered. Elevate your beauty ritual with BLNCD’s body and skincare line, a selection of high-quality CBD oils, cleansers, lotions, face mists and healing salves made with natural ingredients. Treat yourself a holistic spa-like experience at home on the daily and take pride in yourself and your health. Need a mental pick-me-up to improve focus and creativity? Use aromatherapy roll-ons with CBD and fragrances that promote sustained calm, focus and clarity throughout your day. Or, instead of that second cup of coffee, sip a brain boosting beverage to amplify your mind. No matter how small, the moments we take for ourselves are always beneficial to well-being.

Overall, the transformative power of making mindful swaps in various aspects of your life, from bedtime routines to skincare and beyond, is an easy way to bring extra peace to your life. Making small changes permanently or even temporarily is a step toward long-term well-being and a sustainable lifestyle — it’s a journey not a race! To kickstart your own swapping journey, take some of our tips to heart, and don’t forget to check out BLNCD CBD and THC products for holistic health, beauty and skincare, mental wellness, relaxation and inspiration.


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