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September 5, 2022

Music to Unwind

The hours leading up to bedtime are often missed as an opportunity to unwind for a restful night. Previously, we’ve talked about great podcasts for falling asleep, but taking the time to set the mood with some relaxing music at the end of the day will help your body move in the right direction before you even hit the sheets.

Weyes Blood’s Titanic Rising

With a niche genre that lies between psychedelic folk and experimental rock, the soothing soundscape of Weyes Blood is a calming soundscape with indie flair. Her most recent album, Titanic Rising, blends ethereal vocals with soothing murky instrumentals. Weyes Blood’s Natalie Mering appears to be in search of serenity, a good pursuit for any listener’s end of day. Listen HERE

The XX’s xx 

The debut album of The XX made a huge splash in 2009 and has continued to be celebrated as a go-to for chill vibes.  The London collective found their roots in folk and blues, but their fresh new sound is its own unique blend of indie, rock, and ambient. The A.V. Club even describes the album as “a perfectly formed debut with a genuinely new sound way beyond the sum of identifiable forebears.” Listen HERE.

The Amélie Soundtrack

For a bit of whimsy, the romantic piano and intermittent french vocals of the Amélie soundtrack are a fun way to relax and reframe the day. Over the years, Amélie has maintained its position as a celebrated moniker of French cinema. This romantic comedy is magical and distinctive in its visual and auditory storytelling. Transport yourself to the serenity of a village in France as you unwind with this dynamic soundtrack. Listen HERE

James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James

If you’re looking for the comfort of folk/country sounds, there is no album more quintessential than James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James.  This 1970 record still holds its ground as an iconic piece of easy listening. When it comes to finding that “everything will be okay” feeling, Taylor’s tender vocals and guitar are a reliable companion. Listen HERE

Edamame’s Nightlights

Chicago’s instrumental beat master, Edamame, has been putting out low-fi electronic vibes since 2012. His most recent EP, Nightlights, is as soothing as it sounds. A snug dichotomy to the electronic genre’s more energetic assumption, Nightlights will lul you right to sleep. Listen HERE.

Beach House’s Bloom 

Exemplifying the “Dream Pop” genre is Baltimore’s Beach House. Described by Pitchfork as fireworks in slow motion, Beach House has a big sound with soothing undertones. Their Bloom album feels fresh with an emotional tenor. In Rolling Stone’s words, “Languid lead singer Victoria Legrand has some dark stuff on her mind – mortality and ruin keep bubbling to the surface of the Baltimore act’s fourth LP…But you’d hardly know it from the blissful way she lets her voice blend with the softly bobbing organ chords and arpeggiated guitars.” Listen HERE

Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports

For a truly ambient experience, look no further than England’s Brian Eno. A trailblazer in the ambient genre, Eno’s album is indulgent in its complex soundscapes and relaxing chords. The album evolves through many quiet hums, providing more of a subtle room tone than music as we know it, a perfect recipe to find your zen. Listen HERE


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