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September 16, 2023

Navigating the Cali Sober Lifestyle: THC Beverages as a Wellness Choice

Looking for a positive lifestyle change? The term “Cali sober” is all about finding that laid-back balance between mindful living and relaxation, taking a cue from California’s chill vibes. It means skipping the booze and harder recreational drugs while still enjoying cannabis responsibly, whether it’s for kicking back, sparking creativity, or for health reasons. Cali sober folks are all about living a harmonious life, making conscious choices, and staying on the wellness train, all while keeping it cool with a bit of cannabis. 

Minneapolis-based artist Donte Mearon has been living the Cali sober lifestyle for over a year and says it’s changed his life for the better, “Physically, I am more energetic and motivated to pick up some weights or make the healthy choice, like going for a walk. I do not have any signs of a beer gut anymore and I’m sleeping better. Mentally, I’m aware of my time and what I do with the time that I used to think about drinking alcohol. I turned that into creative energy.”

The Cali sober lifestyle is riding a growing wave of popularity, with more people embracing the idea of moderation and wellness. This trend reflects a broader shift towards health-conscious choices and a desire for balanced, holistic well-being – without alcohol. Aside from traditional flower, there are now a wide variety of edibles, tinctures, cannabis-infused beverages and more that provide a relaxing and inspiring experience, aligning with the Cali sober philosophy of mindful indulgence.

Several notable figures have embraced the Cali sober life, including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has spoken about her choice to abstain from alcohol while occasionally using cannabis, and rapper Snoop Dogg, a prominent advocate for marijuana use. 

The decision to embrace Cali Sober living is a personal one, and may line up with health and wellness reasons, sobriety support, sustainability and more. Is it right for you? Read more below to find out!

The Benefits of Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis-infused beverages have gained considerable attention in recent years as a novel way to consume THC. These beverages offer precise dosing, a smoke-free consumption method, and a quicker, more predictable onset of effects compared to traditional edibles. Whether for recreational relaxation or therapeutic purposes, THC-infused beverages are becoming a popular choice among consumers seeking a convenient, controlled way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Many people use cannabis beverages, edibles or flower to help enhance their creativity. Mearon, an abstract painter, screen printer, resin artist and apparel/jewelry designer has followed the MN legalization process closely since going Cali sober in 2022. To celebrate legalization, he created a line of limited edition prints, tote bags and apparel with a pro-weed meets “Saint Therese” theme. Known as the patron saint of both florists and the sick, among other things, the Saint Therese concept was a hat tip to pro-cannabis activist and former governor Jesse Ventura’s wife Theresa, whose own personal health crisis inspired the actor turned politician to use his voice to promote legalization. 

Says Donte, “I feel like my creativity and drive has increased since giving up alcohol, along with my physical and mental well-being. I realize that I can accomplish more projects in a shorter amount of time. It’s easier to come up with new creative ideas and projects and actually complete them.”

What kind of beverage should I try?

There are a wide variety of cannabis-infused beverages to choose from on the rapidly growing market. From non-intoxicating CBD drinks to euphoric THC libations, cannabis-infused drinks are completely up to personal preferences as far as flavor, effect and milligrams. BLNCD CBD and THC Sparkling Water beverages offer a light and refreshing experience with zero calories and sugar, while our THC + Adaptogen Elixirs and THC Mocktails provide a sweet, bubbly taste and functional benefits that are an alternative to traditional soda beverages and cocktails while imparting the dreamy effects of THC. From blends that range from energizing to chill, cannabis-infused beverages come in a wide variety of flavors and can be purchased online or in-store, depending on the laws in your area. 

Mearon says he enjoys the variety. “There are so many fun ways to consume THC that don’t involve smoking these days. Sometimes I’ll do different N/A beverages with a bong hit, sip a cannabis beverage or pop an edible, but I’m also a big fan of flower — Gary Payton and Trick Trick are a couple of my favorite strains.” He also encourages the Cali sober-curious to try swapping in a couple fancy N/A drinks between real alcoholic beverages next time they hit the town.

How do THC drinks interact with my body?

Cannabinoids are the key beneficial and active compounds found in cannabis, such as THC and CBD. Cannabis beverages interact with your body by delivering THC through your digestive system. After consuming the drink, THC is absorbed into your bloodstream, travels to your brain, and binds to cannabinoid receptors, leading to various effects like euphoria and relaxation. The onset of these effects can be slower but longer-lasting compared to smoking or vaping marijuana, but faster than traditional edibles. 

Adding THC beverages to a holistic wellness routine provides an enjoyable way to unwind and recharge mentally. When enjoyed in moderation, these drinks can nicely match activities like meditation, yoga, and stress relief. 

Responsible THC beverage use is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience while minimizing potential risks. It promotes self-awareness, helps avoid overconsumption, and encourages a positive relationship with cannabis-infused products, contributing to a healthier and more responsible cannabis culture.

Ok, I’m sold, but how do I start?

If you’d like to add cannabis beverages to your new California sober lifestyle, the rule is to “start low and go slow,” meaning, start with a low milligram dosage, sip responsibly, and find your ideal baseline before over-consuming. Remember, THC edibles and beverages can take longer to kick in — have patience and allow at least one hour for the effects to manifest before ingesting more. Do your research before purchasing and read the label of any product, as this will help you gauge what effects you are in for and will provide additional safety information.  

Donte’s personal advice for anyone wanting to give the Cali sober lifestyle a shot, “A good start is writing down what you do with your time and how alcohol plays a role in that. It’s very eye opening.” He also stresses the importance of finding the right community to surround yourself with. “There are plenty of social groups that are out there. Rather than going to a bar with alcohol try a bar without alcohol or a social event that is geared towards non-alcoholism. It draws in a different crowd that has a refreshed spirit and inviting vibe about them.” 

To avoid dependency on THC beverages or any other form of cannabis, use infrequently and mindfully as part of a well-rounded approach to relaxation and recreation, while prioritizing other aspects of your life, health and happiness.

To learn more about artist Donte Mearon, follow @yesthrowingpaint on Instagram or find him online at


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