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July 3, 2024

Cannabis and Camping: A Guide to Getting High Up North

90703 Kassidy Renee Paige

Reveling in the great outdoors every summer is a Minnesota tradition we tend to take seriously, thanks to the state’s long, cold and seemingly endless winters. From hardcore trail hikers and backpackers to those of us (ahem) that prefer a more luxe camping experience, Minnesota’s north country is a bonafide natural wonderland, with untouched wilderness, scenic attractions, state parks, miles of lakeshore, epic waterfalls and so much more.

With cannabis having been legalized in the state as of 2023, it’s no surprise that nature lovers are increasingly becoming more comfortable combining THC use with outdoor adventure. From taking in the majesty of Lake Superior with a cannabis beverage to passing a joint around the campfire, this guide will provide you with tips on safely and enjoyably integrating cannabis into your north woods experience. We’ll cover the benefits of getting high while camping, legal considerations, prep tips, and the best ways to ensure an all-around fun, safe excursion.

Camping with Cannabis: The Basics

There are many amazing ways to enhance your camping trip with cannabis. But first things first. Cannabis laws vary widely across different regions, so it’s crucial to understand your local regulations, especially since national parks (as federal property) prohibit cannabis use. Do your research, respect legal guidelines and always be aware of where and when it’s appropriate to use. Also, be sure to follow “Leave No Trace” principles, including the proper disposal of cannabis-related waste. Respect Mother Nature and other campers, and it’s all good.

The Benefits of Combining Cannabis and Camping

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user, cannabis can amplify your sensory experiences in any natural environment. Let the gentle breeze, the symphony of sounds and the lush scenery wash over you while you ride the wave. Camping is already a great way to disconnect from life and reset yourself mentally and physically, and cannabis can help play a role in that process with stress relief, pain management and sleep regulation benefits. Not only is popping a THC gummy, sipping a cannabis beverage or smoking flower in the woods fun and a great way to enhance creativity and sociability, but it’s a fantastic alternative to drinking alcohol. No hangover = more energy and a more enjoyable following day.

Enhancing your Experience

The world is yours to explore, wherever you are. Cannabis can make wandering and appreciating nature’s beauty even more inspiring. Be sure to map your hikes out, plan for time, hydration and safety. Just don’t forget to bring the snacks! Then, when the sun sets and the campfire is perfectly a-glow, gather friends together to share cannabis with those who partake, tell stories, play music and let the communal experience enrich your high – and your relationships. If fire’s not your thing, stargazing is always a serene alternative. Make memories identifying constellations and taking in the dazzling night sky, unobstructed by city lights and pollution. If you’re lucky, maybe the famous northern lights will even make an appearance!

For more ideas such as group activities and cooking with cannabis while camping, check out this article:

Before You Go: Essential Preparation Tips

Choose the Right Strain or Delivery Method: Select strains suited for outdoor activities, focusing on those known for relaxation, focus or creativity. Opt for beverages, vaporizers or edibles, especially in dry areas or where discretion is necessary.

Pack Essentials: Don’t forget essentials like a portable grinder, vaporizer, and odor-proof containers. A cooler can keep your edibles fresh.

Food and Munchies: Pack easy-to-carry and healthy snacks to pair with your cannabis. Staying hydrated is vital, so bring plenty of water.

Dosage and Timing: Start low and go slow. Manage your dosage carefully and consume at optimal times during the day to enhance your camping experience.

Safety Measures: Stay aware of your surroundings and avoid dangerous activities while under the influence. Keep a first aid kit handy and be bear-aware—bears and other critters can and WILL eat cannabis edibles and flower, if left unsecured.

To recap, combining cannabis and camping can elevate your outdoor experience. By understanding legal considerations, preparing adequately, and following best practices, you’ll have a beautiful experience. We encourage you to responsibly enjoy all the gifts that mother nature has given us – including cannabis – and have an unforgettable adventure up north and beyond. 

Tell us about your own getting-high-in-nature experiences in the comments below, and follow us for cannabis culture, wellness and education news from BLNCD!


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