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February 16, 2024

BLNCD Love on Fire Infused Margarita

Indulge in a sensational blend of flavors with our newest creation, Love on Fire THC Infused Margarita Alcohol Free Cocktail.

Crafted to elevate your evenings with the perfect balance of sweetness from fresh strawberries, the kick of jalapeño, and a hint of honey, this THC cocktail ignites your senses with every sip.  Sip, savor, and let the high vibes elevate your evenings to new heights.


Muddle together strawberries, jalapeños & honey. Combine with BLNCD  Watermelon Margarita THC Mocktail, add ice and stir until well mixed. Strain mixture into a short salt-rimmed glass. Garnish with a strawberry and enjoy!

Get Lifted. A high-spirited cannabis libation to elevate your everyday.



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