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August 17, 2021

UK Does it Best: English Bands You Must Know

In the pursuit of good music, we took a hop over the pond to delve into some of the brightest stars in the UK music scene. We love these brits for their incredible voice, style, and sound.


Founded by Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, Jungle is one of the UK’s most notable neo-soul and funk bands of recent times. With a huge emphasis on dynamic music videos and danceable rhythms, the London-based duo is known for their eye catching visuals with choreographed dancers. When performing live in concert, Lloyd-Watson and McFarland raise the stakes with an expanded seven-piece band, creating a big sound that makes hip-shaking irresistible.


A four-part boy band from Macclesfield, England, Spring King is the purest of garage rock. We first fell in love with this English foursome when their single, “Who Are You?” hit the airwaves in 2015. Since then, Spring King has continued to deliver a good time with rockin’ singles like “Animal,” “The Hum,” and “Us vs. Them.” In all honesty, Spring King is the boys to man band we need. 


An international jazz icon, Moses Boyd comes from humble origins in South London’s Catford district. Since the release of his first collaborative album in 2014, Boyd has grown to become one of the most prolific jazz composers and record producers of our time. Known for creating new sub genres with his experimental artistry, even The Guardian described Boyd as “a poster boy of the London Jazz revival.” 


These are not the new kids on the block. Since 1988, Massive Attack has been a fixture of the electronic music scene. Born of the Bristol, England club scene in the late 80’s, its longest standing members 3D, Tricky, and Daddy G, are bound by their love of distorted guitar sounds and dramatic orchestral arrangements. We first fell in love with their unique sound with “Unfinished Symphony” in 2000, but more recent singles such as “Voodoo in My Blood” and “The Spoils” are proof that this band has an incredible ability to evolve and continue to deliver musical excellence for many more years to come. 


Let’s give one to Scotland! Honeyblood, the indie rock solo project by Glasgow native, Stina Tweeddale, is a mood for all occasions. Founded in 2012, what started as indie pop progressed to more alt-rock vibes between their 2014 and 2016 album projects.  Most recently, Tweeddale reinvented Honeyblood as a solo project with 2019’s In Plain Sight. Our favorite visual by Honeyblood, “Bubble Gum,” is gorgeous homage to cinema’s earliest forays into the science fiction genre. Check it out below!


Art School Girlfriend is the brainchild of musician and producer Polly Mackey, a former member of the shoegaze band Deaf Club.  With smooth vocals, haunting melodies, and a sound that feels both fresh and timeless, we can’t get enough. Luckily, she’s pretty good at satiating our needs with three new singles/visuals in the past three months!


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