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December 17, 2019

Tips for a Relaxing Holiday Season

As we know, staying calm during the holidays is no easy task. With lots on everyone’s to-do list, we came up with a few simple daily rituals to help you through this busy time of year. Quite simply, finding moments of wellness are essential. Whether it be in your car before or after the grocery store or during a holiday gathering, there is always a moment just for you. Don’t forget to breathe and remember these simple tips: 

Create Your Space // Your time alone at home is your crème de la crème. As tempting as it may be to crash onto the couch, the moment you get through the door, give yourself a little more support. Light beeswax candles, burn sweetgrass incense, and play soothing music like Laraaji – an amazing ambient artist – or your favorite holiday tunes to add a little sparkle.  Take the time to prepare your home for the vibration that will best support you with your favorite lighting, aromas and music. Taking the time, when you can be with yourself alone will purify and uplift you, reminding you that the holidays are about light and love. Time with self will better prepare you for when you do commune with those near and dear to you. With the home and hearth feeling good, you’ll be able to wrap gifts, bake cookies and just relax. Moments of hands-on active self-care – just for you – is also absolutely essential.  

Move & Groove // Take a walk or even get to a yoga or movement class. Allowing the blood to flow and muscles feeling warm will assist the nervous system to feel comforted and the lymphatic system to purify chemicals from stress or from sugar after the extra coconut macaroon. Not to mention the endorphins or brightening response the brain receives with enhanced movements outside the normal daily flow. 

Meditate // Try practicing a grounding meditation, daily if possible, where you sit on a cushion or directly on the floor in a comfortable position and simply draw your inner awareness to your seat, the space where you connect, and breathe deeply into the abdomen. The deeper and slower the breath, the more soothing it will be for a pleasant adjustment. Allow the mind to rest, trust that thoughts – which are important – will return. Try not to get distracted and rush to pick up a pen. Allowing thoughts or feeling to move through without attachment. Know that some discomfort may arise and that’s ok! Whatever is coming up is doing so to be released and try not to analyze why this may be or what it may be about. Simply return awareness to the breath. 

Soak in the Tub // Take the time to draw a warm bath for full body or even just to soak the feet. Add Epsom or deep sea salts full of soothing magnesium. Gently massage your full body or the feet with a warm oil to cue the body it’s time to restore. An aroma combo that we suggest for the nearby diffuser is a couple drops each of spruce, grapefruit and roman chamomile. Use oils from a company you trust. This aromatherapy composition creates an earthy and vibrant calm to the winter wonderland outside. Its warming and grounding yet invigorating. 

Trust Yourself  // Take time to notice moments of wellness and peace. Absorb the experience into your mind, body, and spirit with a feeling of gratitude. Even if it is an intense moment, it will still feed you. When you have to step away for a moment to run warm water over your hands to calm the nervous system, roll on an essential oil, or simply take a deep breath, do it. Trust your intuition. When emotions run high or when you know that you have a big day coming, plan out time for self-care the day or morning before and sometime after. Enjoy the holidays with a deep knowing that you’ve got this. And there is always a moment just for you. You are your own best healer. 

With wellness and warmth, see you in the New Year,

Rachel Lyn



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