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December 22, 2023

BLNCD Holiday Survival Guide


‘Just Say No’

However you celebrate, BLNCD is here to help you ride the high vibes and savor the season with a few essential survival tips. While this time of year is definitely magical, it also comes with its fair share of stress. Between the frenzy of last-minute shopping, orchestrating your own gathering, or attending awkward family functions, putting “self-care” first is vital. Embrace the power of just saying “no” and prioritize holiday chill!

Just Say No to Overcommitting

Balancing social commitments and your own sanity during this time of year is always a challenge. Maintain those boundaries and give yourself grace! The weight of your holiday obligations might seem heavy, but it’s liberating to realize that declining invites politely is perfectly okay. Prioritize holiday engagements that spark personal joy and make time for self-care rituals that center your physical and mental health.


Just Say No to Alcohol

The holidays are known for indulgent feasts, festive decorations, beautifully wrapped gifts, family traditions…and of course, booze. Lots and lots of booze. Reduce the likelihood of a political argument with your drunk uncle by going alcohol-free for the holidays. The Cali Sober lifestyle is gaining momentum, so feel free to turn down the eggnog and indulge in a BLNCD THC beverage or edible instead. Waking up Christmas morning sans hangover is a gift in itself, after all!

Just Say No to Another Night Out

Embrace the “Silent Night” by staying in. Amidst the flurry of holiday parties and seasonal activities, a quiet night at home can do wonders for your mental health. Pop a BLNCD gummy or chocolate and put on your favorite corny holiday movie, enjoy a relaxing bath with essential oils, or indulge in your favorite creative hobby. Making time for yourself in this way isn’t just about skipping the party; it’s about personal rejuvenation.


Just Say No to Unrealistic Expectations

Release yourself from the pressure of creating the perfect holiday experience, lean into mishaps and imperfections, and celebrate the authenticity (and humor) they can bring. Focus on creating moments of genuine warmth and connection with your favorite people instead of stressing yourself out over canapés. Those imperfectly perfect moments are what the best memories are made of. Enjoy it!

Just Say No to Post-Holiday Burnout

Peace out of post-holiday burnout by acknowledging that we tend to exhaust ourselves during the most wonderful time of the year. Self-care during the holidays is just as important as self-care after your festive adrenaline has spiked. Consider practices like meditation, taking a quiet walk in the fresh snow, or simply getting a good night’s sleep. Pop a BLNCD sleep gummy or massage in some soothing CBD salve and breathe easy. Being fully present in those peaceful moments helps to recharge your mind, body, and spirit.


Just Say YES to Prioritizing Wellness

Take care of yourself this holiday season by putting your health and wellness first. Find joy in saying “no” to things that disrupt your flow and embrace the BLNCD lifestyle. From all of us at BLNCD, we wish you a happy, high and hangover-free holiday season!


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