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June 11, 2022

10 Powerful Queer Artists to Follow

Pride Month is upon us and what better way to celebrate that by appreciating some of the most talented queer artists on the scene. These bright stars are supremely generous in their ability to inspire and provoke new ideas and create work that defies gendered norms. Pride month among many things, is a reminder to uplift these voices, because we truly need them now more than ever.

Naima Green

The effervescent photographic work of Naima Green is something to surely be celebrated. We first caught wind of Green when happening upon her beautiful photography of Solange Knowles in Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to her consistent excellence in photographing, she is also currently the Harnish Visiting Artist and Lecturer in Photography at Smith College.

Gabriella Grimes

With a commitment to challenging binaries perceptions in their world, Gabriella Grimes uses bright illustrations and energetic design to take space as a non-binary queer artist on Instagram and in the art community at large. Grimes boldly centers trans bodies in their work and we love following their creative journey on Instagam.

Bizu Bizu 

Drawing inspiration from artists like Basement Jaxx, SOPHIE, Slowdive, and A.G. Cook, Bizu Bizu’s individual backgrounds in fashion and film inform their dynamic point of view as an exciting new pop-electronic duo.  With an album in the works, the Los Angeles pair have only released two singles thus far, but these bops have us begging for more. Steam “Just Like U” and “Ur Secret” now on all platforms!

Jonathan Lyndon Chase

Philadelphia painter Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s work focuses on queer black bodies in mundane, everyday spaces.  Often using fabric and film to bring dimension to his work, Chase is celebrated for his ability to innovate mixed media installations.

Dorian Electra

While Dorian has been putting out explosive sounds and sick visuals since 2010, it’s been exciting to see the world begin to take note. Featured on Lady Gaga’s Chromatic remix album, this LA-based singer, songwriter, and performance artist is known for their visually striking music videos. In their most recent music video, “My Agenda,” Dorian explores an explosive collision of dance, crispy clean visuals, illustration, and kawaii vibes. A must watch!


From his vocal stylings to his energy on-stage and camera, Kelechi brings a fresh exuberance to synth pop sound. Kelechi’s lyricism is a strong moniker of his work, often pulling from personal experience. In his latest music video featuring Vincent, Kelechi employs humor with a prologue of awkward dating profiles. What follows is a timeless fun visual that’s well worth a watch. Check it out below!

Cory Nixon

A director and producer from Los Angele, Cory Nixon’s is a filmmaker who uses the medium to discusses and challenges concepts of race and sexuality. In a city of movie-maker’s Cory’s body of work is impressively varied from music videos and short films to ad campaigns from Coach. Cory is often celebrated for his organic style and use of 8mm film. Check out his most recent directorial work for George Clanton below. 

Salman Toor

The paintings of Salman Toor evoke an emotional response that is beyond words. The Pakistan-born artist now resides in New York City, where he garnered his MFA from The Pratt Institute. There is something profoundly impactful about Toor’s ability to infuse queerness into art’s most enduring medium.  medium we recognize as one of the oldest. Truly one of the greats of our time.


Ashnikko’s breakthrough came in 2019 when her single Stupid went viral on TikTok, but the depth of her artistry runs much deeper than what you’ expect of a tik tok famer. Ashnikko’s aesthetic eye and genre-bending sound is undoubtedly infections. Her “Slumber Party” video with Princess Nokia is a queer anthem and one of our faves. Check it out below!

Sasha Gordon

Sasha Gordon brings queer bodies to the forefront in her bold and imaginative work. Sasha Gordon (b. 1998, Bronx) lives and works in Westchester, NY and Providence, RI. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2021. Her work explores self image, racial prejudice, mental illness, and the male gaze, while also exhibiting discomfort with intimacy and the female body. 


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