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April 22, 2020

10 Internet Rabbit Holes Worth the Jump

It can be difficult to avoid reading about covid-19, politics, and news of the crisis at hand when surfing the web.  While it’s important to stay informed, when it comes to de-stressing, it’s also good to take advantage of some of the internet’s other diversions.

Get Inspired By the Runway

We’ve spent hours on this website. TAGWALK is an impressive vault of perfectly archived photos from the runway! Every fashion week and every show of the last five years and beyond. On you can browse looks by designer, by season, by city, or even by model. We’re living for this visual rolodex of the fashion industry.

Shatter Your Assumptions with the Spectrum Series

The concept is simple. Six people from one race, gender, sexuality, occupation, or political view stand on a line. After being given an assumption about their identity, they move to different lines that represent their opinions from strongly agree to strongly disagree, testing the range of their beliefs and values. This reality series by Jubilee Media is groundbreaking for its ability to break down stereotypes and show that no matter who we are or where we come from, we all have our own very unique ideologies and experiences. The episodes are always heartfelt, authentic, and often entertainingly unpredictable.

Walk Through Celebrity Houses on Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is one of just a few publications trusted by the stars to feature the ins and outs of their beautiful abodes.  They’re also quick to get the latest photos of more private celebs’ former homes the second they hit the market. Even if you’re not an interior design connoisseur, the curiosity will keep you clicking. I mean, who knew Jennifer Aniston had a koi pond in her living room.

Gawk at the Worst Things for Sale

This very simple website is dedicated to exactly what it sounds like; Terrible ways to spend your money.  From floating beer candles to pants for your garbage can, you’ll be amazed by the copious amount of innovation nobody asked for. Warning, this site can get a little NSFW, but boy is it a rabbit hole of fun. 

Get Mesmerized By Data 

They’re rudimentary visuals.  They’re not very creative. They’re data graphed and animated. Why we find these videos so entertaining is beyond us… but boy do we.  The infographic videos made by Data is Beautiful on youtube are a window into the evolution of our culture and economy as a global community. See the rise and fall of MySpace. Watch Adele and Rihanna race for the most album sales. Witness the evolution of the most popular baby boy names from 1880-2019. Facts are facts and there’s truth in numbers.

Peruse Wonderland’s Archive

So many editorials. So much creativity. We love that Wonderland has made their archive available in such a user friendly format. Follow the link to the vault, because we all could use a little fantasy right now. 

Explore Vintage Possibilities on Etsy

Turkish Rugs. High Waisted Pants. Antique Cameras. If you love vintage as much as we do, you’ll scroll endlessly on Etsy’s vintage section.  The user friendly website makes it easy to define your search by price range and shipping. When it comes to shopping vintage and antiques on Esty, the options are endless, the prices are competitive, and it’s incredible what you can find. With our mother earth being in such pain, it’s only right to get your shopping fix with something used or upcycled.

Dive Into Great Big Stories

This family friendly youtube channel is a goldmine of fascinating information and positive journalism. From “Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth” to “The Genius Behind Chuck E. Cheese” to “Mountain Climbing With No Limbs,” Great Big Story is one of our favorite youtube channels to hang out on. The content ranges from stories about entrepreneurs, unique foods, crazy travel destinations, and inspiring stories about people who overcome great odds. The tone of the content is always positive, the production quality is fantastic, and we love a quick watch, with most of their videos only coming in at around four minutes long. 

Laugh at Japanese Game Shows

You don’t need to be able to speak the language to enjoy the hilarity of these shows. If you want to explore a genre that will give you a total departure from reality, Japanese Game Shows are it. Since these shows are not officially syndicated in the United States, there’s nota a super reliable platform to watch them on, but we recommend finding a solid youtube playlist or at the least, enjoy some of our favorites embedded here. 

Check Yourself on Common Misconceptions

Well goodness, imagine finding out that a bunch of facts that you think you know aren’t really facts at all. This one got us good. Black belt martial artists aren’t real masters, Greek sculptures were not white, and Twinkies have a shorter shelf life than you’d think. Wikipedia is full of rabbit holes, but this is truly a good one.


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