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April 17, 2023

Cannabis Equity w/ Angela Dawson

As Co-Founder and CEO of the Forty Acre Cooperative, the first National Black farmer co-op, Angela Dawson is a champion for equity, sustainability, and social justice.  Years ago, Dawson set out, quite simply, to become a farmer.  After enduring her own erroneous experience with the USDA and the agriculture industry at large, she saw an overwhelming need for a supportive cooperative like Forty Acre.  In recent years, Dawson has taken on yet another role, becoming the President of The Great Rise, Minnesota’s Coalition for an Equitable Cannabis Economy. Her work between both organizations has had a tremendous impact on Minnesotans and elevated the conversation around cannabis legalization to new heights. We were so lucky to catch a sit down interview with the dynamic powerhouse that is Angela Dawson. Check it out and please feel free to share!


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