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December 23, 2019

7 Facts About MMA Champ Maurice Greene

He’s a family man. A proud father of two, Greene prioritizes time with his family when he’s not in the ring and is often known to shout out his kids and fiancée during his post-fight interviews. And his favorite fight memory?  “My first full fight camp at Factory X Muay Thai and the first time my son watched me live.”

His father inspires him the most.  As a family man, Greene learned from the best, “My Dad has worked hard for forty years now, twenty years as a Navy SeaBee and nearly twenty on the railroad. I’m inspired by his work ethic, even though I learned how to work hard in a different way, he’s the foundation.”

He’s amazing at crochet. With a surprising nickname and an Instagram feed full of homemade hats, Greene boasts his crochet skills as much as his fighting skills.  “I named myself “The Crochet Boss” because it was a way to give the MMA world a sense of my creative mind.  Also, I make the best hat on the market. #TheCrochetBoss” Greene is even interested in launching a more formal branded fashion line in 2020, often sharing his interest in “making the world warmer, one head at a time.”

maurice greene

He started taking MMA seriously from the jump. I started MMA at twenty-four years old and got offered to fight in thirty days.  At first it was just a ‘why not’ thing, but once I knew that I had a son on the way, and didn’t want to go back to school, I made the decision.”

He’s dabbled in reality television. In 2018, Greene stirred up some drama on the Fox Sports 1 reality show “The Ultimate Fighter.” The show features professional MMA fighters living together in Las Vegas, Nevada, and follows them as they train and compete against each other for a prized contract with the UFC. Greene was also unafraid to have some “villain” moments, “They told us to be ourselves and I think the general public got the good the bad and the ugly. They got a little bit of everything from me, where they didn’t get a whole lot of the other cast, hence the reason why I’ve been pretty much on every episode. Sometimes good publicity, bad publicity, it’s still people talking about you. So that’s a good thing.”

CBD is a big part of his routine. During camp, I eat pretty clean.  A couple of things I use daily are my vitamins and my BLNCD Naturals Chill Tincture to sleep with.   When I’m on the go, I use the BLNCD Relief Salve and the Roll-On daily.”

He’s ready to fight. “As a UFC athlete, my goal is to make it to single digits and ride the wave to the top.  I’m currently ranked 15th in the UFC.”

Portrait Photography by Michael J. Spear

Story by John Mark


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