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January 2, 2020

What CBD Dosage is Right For Me?

If you’re one of the many people discovering the incredible benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), you’re more than likely looking for the best way to get your daily dose. With so many incredible options on the market, it can be difficult to figure out how much CBD is right for you, whether you’re taking advantage of CBD:

  • • CBD Oil Tinctures 
  • • Capsules
  • • Vapables
  • • Flower
  • • Topicals
  • • Aromatherapy
  • • Beverage 
  • • Edibles

Everyone is different when it comes to CBD dosing. Each individual’s endocannabinoid system is wholly unique, so it may take a bit of experimentation to find the perfect balance. We recommend starting at a low dose and working your way up if necessary — some people find a small dose works wonders, while others need a much higher dose to experience the desired effect. With consistent, daily use over time, your endocannabinoid system becomes more sensitive and receptive, which results in greater beneficial effects.

Why Are You Using CBD?

The best place to start when determining what dosage of CBD fits your lifestyle is why you’re taking it in the first place. Maybe you’re just curious about the hype or heard incredible things from friends and family. Perhaps you’re looking for a natural way to relieve feelings of anxiousness or stress, soothe bodily discomfort or maybe you’re looking for a new addition to your skincare routine. 

Starting here will help you navigate your CBD journey. Figure out what your CBD is for — and it will guide you towards the products that are right for you. If you’re looking for a way to ease stress or reduce irritability, then oils, edibles, or CBD drinks may be the perfect solution. 

However, some individuals are looking for a way to soothe achy muscles or joints, calm skin, or help fight breakouts. That’s where topicals like CBD body lotions, face oils, salves or a tincture regimen are perfect for the job. 

CBD has many beneficial uses, and certain products containing strain-specific terpenes may be more productive to your goals. If you’re wondering “what in the world are terpenes,” — they play an important role in the CBD entourage effect. This is a synergistic relationship between terpenes and cannabis extracts like CBD. We’ve actually written in-depth on this already, so if you’re interested in learning more, take a look at how the entourage effect works.

So, once you’ve determined the why, you’ll be better equipped to understand which type of CBD product works for you and how much of it.

Discovering Your Dose

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for from CBD products, it’s time to figure out the right dose. Now, each person will have a varying amount of success depending on what type of CBD product they use, how much, and their lifestyle. 

No matter what type of CBD consumption method you’re trying out, it’s always better to start with a low dose to gauge how your body responds. Every trusted CBD manufacturer will put a recommended serving size on the product, which should give you a good idea of how much may be right for you. If you’re unsure, start small and work your way up. 

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

CBD is exceptionally well tolerated by the human body and there are no known instances of anyone overdosing, but the definition of “too much” CBD will vary from person to person. The most commonly reported negative effects of taking too much CBD are sleepiness, nausea and dry mouth.  You should confirm with your doctor that CBD is safe for you before you begin taking it as it’s possible that there could be an interaction with certain prescribed medications. 

Which CBD Products to Try

With nearly endless possibilities, CBD has found its way into a diverse range of products. Below are some of the most popular ways to consume CBD for your daily dose of non-intoxicating cannabis. 

CBD Oil Tinctures and Capsules are a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. Taken orally on a daily basis, CBD oil tinctures and capsules can provide amazing benefits for overall health and wellness. From blends that boost happiness and mental clarity to formulas for rest and relaxation or general holistic health, CBD tinctures come with a graduated dropper for easy consumption. CBD Tincture Oils can be a perfect solution for anyone looking to get just the right amount every time. These formulas deliver the most effective, consistent results over time but you must allow them to build up in the body to start noticing results. Because everyone is different when it comes to CBD, this can take the average user anywhere from 1 week to 30 days. Taking your oil consistently each day is key. Ingesting the oil sublingually allows for optimal absorption into the bloodstream to deliver whole body wellness from the inside.
CBD Edibles and Beverages are an easy and tasty way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. CBD chocolate is a delicious treat with a boost of wellness in every bite. CBD Beverages, like BLNCD Sparkling Waters, are a great functional alternative to sugar-filled beverages and a refreshing way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. However, edibles and beverages typically take longer to notice the effects because the CBD will be processed by the digestive system. These consumption methods offer increased flexibility when it comes to consumption but are best incorporated into your daily routine once you’ve had a chance to build up CBD in your system with an oil tincture or capsule regimen.
Topicals like lotions, salves, roll-ons, body and face oils all work to tackle specific issues with skincare or bodily discomfort. You can often find these bundled together in CBD sets that give you products packed with the incredible benefits. Topical products are a great option when you need quick relief from dry skin, irritation or muscle aches and soreness. Topically, CBD makes a lot of sense as it delivers antioxidants to the skin, helps regulate oil production and works to combat inflammation. Topical products can be applied directly to affected areas, such as sore muscles, achy joints, and irritated areas. Designed to repair, restore, and alleviate discomfort, CBD topicals are great for daily or as-needed use.
Vape Oil and Smokable Hemp Flower are methods to consume CBD through inhalation. When the vapor or smoke enters your lungs, its CBD contents are quickly absorbed into your system, offering increased bioavailability and allows you to feel the effects of CBD much faster than other methods of consumption. The effects you feel from inhalation are immediate but will also dissipate the fastest. Not every setting is vape or smoke friendly, but these can be convenient methods to consume CBD when you’re on the go or need fast relief from the stressors of life.

Lastly, Be Wary of Some CBD Sources

While the big boom in the CBD industry is a special time for cannabis, with new products and companies expanding left and right, some may take advantage of consumers. Some manufacturers may not be trustworthy, offering “miracle cures,” potentially harmful additives, or undertaking unhealthy hemp growing practices. 

Do your research to find a trusted company, with transparent lab results, for purchasing reliable and healthy CBD solutions.


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