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November 20, 2020

MN MADE: Six Local Brands We Love


Tasya Kellen was inspired to start Isadora Nut Co by her father’s journey with Parkinson’s Disease. As Kellen shares, “Not satisfied with Western medicine’s prognosis, he traveled the country finding acupuncturists, hands on healers and trying juice fasts. But he returned to the idea that food is medicine. My father shared the connection between clean eating and well-being.” For Tasya, these values are the founding principle of Isadore Nut Co.  In addition to being totally delicious, all of the nut mixes are high in protein, vegan, gluten free, soy and sugar free. When we say delicious, we really mean it.  Tasya seems to have achieved an impossible collision of healthy and decadent in the snack food space, but don’t take our word for it. Try for yourself via


Our partners on BLNCD’s CBD Sparkling Waters, Big Watt is undoubtedly a trusted staple of the MN beverage scene. Big Watt was created under the roof of Five Watt Coffee Founders Lee Carter, Jason Westplate and Caleb Garn. After opening their first coffee shop location in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis over six years ago, they have since expanded to multiple locations across the Twin Cities and developed a burgeoning canned beverage and coffee roasting retail business. At BLNCD we’re proud to share their values when it comes to keeping products free of additives and artificial flavors. Big Watt has even innovated their own unique method to bottle coffee drinks with a 12-month shelf life in the healthiest possible way! 

In their words, “Packaged coffee drinks traditionally have a short shelf life without all that extra processing, additives, and preservatives. And since adding a bunch of artificial ingredients was a compromise we were unwilling to make, we spent two years developing a patent-pending method that achieves 12-month shelf stability with what we call ‘Process Purity.’ This proprietary process ensures we brew an always delicious cold press coffee with nothing added: no additives, no preservatives, no stabilizers, no flavor-altering additives of any kind Absolutely nothing artificial…ever.”  In addition to our respect of Big Watt as innovators at the forefront of the beverage industry, we also simply love waking up with their impeccably roasted whole bean coffee at home!


A dynamic female entrepreneur with a background in sculpture, Maura Kelly Doyle recently started Stanger & Co. to blend her love of design and community-making into an online and brick-and-mortar retail space. We’re huge fans of her high quality design aesthetic, creative merchandising, and equitable pricing. With a commitment to inclusion and accessibility, we also love that Stranger & Co. makes an effort to work with women, queer, and POC communities. Surely a highlight of our MN MADE giveaway, is Stranger & Co’s gold tiered Signature Grinder. Unique and high quality smoking accessories are just one of many enticing products you can find on their online store, 


Hailing all the way from Mcintosh, Minnesota, Howard Soaps founder, Katherine Howard is committed to small-batch, hand-poured, 100% soy candles and herbal skincare.  With delectable scents and natural ingredients, Howard Soaps puts self care at the forefront. From their Fallen Leaves Candle to their Cocoa Butter + Cashmere bar soap, we love the innovation and creativity from this home grown brand.


Larissa Loden’s alluring jewelry and accessories are all handcrafted in Northeast Minneapolis. Whether you go for their 14K gold birthstone earrings, a sentimental locket, or a necklace that spells out “whiskey,” Larissa’s collections are a wonderful hybrid of contemporary design, vintage inspirations, and a touch of good humor. In addition to being a company driven by female leadership, Larissa Loden also donates 5% of all her proceeds to Cookie Cart, a company that provides first job experience and leadership training to teens. We’ve had the pleasure of perusing Larissa Loden’s beautiful work at many a NE Mpls studio crawl and we’re so happy to have her as a part of our MN Made giveaway.


WACKS candles won us over at the jump for their simplicity and elevated design alone. Formulated with essential oil scents and soy/coconut wax blends, these 100% plant-based candles are the brainchild of creative duo, Kelsey and Michael. In their words, “We’re always striving to melt the boundary between art and object through our packaging. All labels are printed in our studio using letterpress, riso, and inkjet techniques.” We’re so excited to have their SAD SAP Candle and match tube as part of our MN MADE giveaway. We can promise, even beyond its clever packaging, it’s a damn good candle!


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