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CBD OIL – BLISS | Subscription

Keep up the good vibes with a subscription to our Bliss CBD Oil. Our BLISS blend is formulated to boost energy, increase mental focus and clarity and to uplift your mood – naturally.  Formulated with an intentional blend of terpenes and pure CBD, BLlSS is a plant based alternative for energy and focus.

Available in regular and extra strength.

USE Daily for energy, productivity and to uplift your mood while easing the mind.

TERPENES Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Pinene and Terpinolene

BLISS: 500mg / 17mg per serving   | THC: 0.00%
BLISS: 1000mg / 33mg per serving | THC: 0.00%

CBD Oil – BLISS – Subscription

From: $34.00 / month