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December 1, 2021

Gifts for Friends from Other Planets

While candles, scarves, and gift cards make for reliable presents, sometimes it’s fun to throw a curveball. We’ve curated a list of twelve gifts that walk the line between strange and cool. After all, the gift of giving should be fun.

Everyone has that one friend for whom Diet Coke is a religion. To them, this ornament is not just a cute gift, but a testament to their faith. There’s also something delectably pop art about it! Get it at The Grove.

These nudie glasses are too cute to be NSFW. We love the illustration by Helen B, available via her website.

There is no way that lighting this candle can result in anything other than good luck. Give the gift of a smile, the gift of light, the gift of Dolly Parton. Available at the Urban General Store.  

Any friend or lover who is passionate about environmentalism will appreciate this beautiful whale tray. It can hold all their bits and bobs and remind them of the ocean. Get it at the Urban General Store.

Do any of your friends or family like alcohol? This alcohol infusion kit is much less complicated than it look. All they need to do is add their favorite spirit. After about a week, they’ll have a fully-infused, ready-to-pour drink. Get it here!

Does your loved one have a passion for Japanese cuisine? Nigiri socks! It’s sushi for their feet! Get it at DOIY!

The cold midwestern winter is upon us, but our vibrant craft beer industry is showing no sign of slowing down.  We love fashion for your beer. Dress your cans with coats by Tyrone Hazen available via Uncommon Goods.

Got a friend that’s a little morbid? A friend who was goth in high school? A friend with a sincere hate of moths? This etsy seller is a reliable resource for insect taxidermy. 

It’s a yoga mat. No. Wait. It’s an oil diffuser. What an interesting collision of wellness! Buy it now at DOIY DESIGN. 

Add a smile to their kitchen experience with this adorable dish towel. Who doesn’t need a reminder to do one thing every day that scares your family? Get it at the Urban General Store. 

If your friend is a little sassy, but mostly patient, kind, and holistic, this tee hits the spot. Available at Always Fits.

Go the extra mile with a custom bobblehead. Give them the gift of you! Available HERE. 


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