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September 22, 2022

BLNCD’s Top 10 Documentaries of 2022

Documentary films inform us on unknown stories, inspire critical thinking, and are some of the most reliable sources of both information and entertainment. We’re huge documentary fans at BLNCD, especially when it comes to topics that surround our industry and ideologies. We’ve listed below some of our favorite think pieces of the year, films that provoke our thoughts and inspire our brand values.

The Human Toll

This short-form doc series explains how the “war on cannabis” targeted Black Americans. Produced by Vanity Fair, the three-part docuseries explores how U.S. drug policy has been a driver of racial inequality, unjust incarceration, and devastating harm to communities and people of color. Some of our heroes from The Last Prisoner provide commentary in this very important topic of discussion. Watch on

Broken – Episode: “Makeup Mayhem” 

A fascinating and startling look at the counterfeit makeup world. An industry that thrives due to influencer hype and scarcity marketing tactics.  A lot of these products are tainted with lead, arsenic, harmful bacteria, and more.  It’s important to be able to spot these counterfeit products both in retail and online avenues. As producers of beauty products, we definitely find this doc an urgent watch. Watch on Netflix.

Dream, Girl

This is the inspiring story of an ensemble of female entrepreneurs. The film was produced by an all-female crew and speaks tremendous volumes to the lived experience of women in business. The film satisfies in its showcasing of multiple women making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Watch on YouTube. 

Double Dare

Double Dare explores the world of female stunt women with an inherent feminist allegory. This action packed documentary follows Zoe Bell, a celebrated stunt woman, as she wraps her last days on set in New Zealand as the double for Xena Warrior Princess. She then moves to Los Angeles to pursue a Hollywood stunt career. The women in this film are truly kick ass. This enthralling look at a subculture of ladies who jump off buildings and drift cars for a living makes for a fun watch! Watch on Plex.

Toxic Beauty

As producers of clean beauty products, we’ve been driven to differentiate from using the dangerous chemicals that still plague many products on the market. This documentary focuses on a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for their use of talcum powder, but also expertly breaks down many of the dangerous compounds that are still widely used in beauty products to this day. Watch on Amazon Prime.

Weed the People

This documentary gives an empathetic look at individuals whose journey with cancer and other diseases has been profoundly impacted by medical marijuana. The stories are poignant in their exploration of both medical benefits and policy reform. Watch on Netflix.

Minding the Gap

This coming of age story centers on the lives of three young skateboarding friends, growing up in Rockfort, Illinois. The film follows them from highschool into adulthood. The emotional value of their journey honestly knocked us off our feet.  This award winning documentary is a must watch! Watch on Hulu.

The Quest for Sleep

We take sleep seriously at BLNCD. Narrated by Octavia Spencer, this documentary provides a fascinating deep dive into the inner workings of the human body’s relationship to sleep. The film  also follows a few individuals suffering with insomnia, providing an urgent opportunity to learn from sleep researchers and scientists. Watch on YouTube.

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Attenborough’s final film is as epic as his career. This beautiful nature documentary is absolutely stunning. Attenborough sumizes his life and lessons with sincerity and conviction. There is, of course, no shortage of breathtaking visuals. Watch on Netflix.

Lady Buds

As a female-led cannabis company, we were so excited to see this one! This delightful documentary features seven women who represent six different cannabis businesses. The story is woven together with supreme excellence. In Variety Magazines words, “Director Russo and her editors deftly weave individual sagas and bigger-picture themes into a cohesive narrative whole.” Watch on Amazon Prime.


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