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August 31, 2020

5 Ways to Improve Your Work-From-Home

In this uncertain time of twitter spiraling, forced hermitude, and an endless slog of uber eats orders known as 2020, those of us who are fortunate enough to work from home often struggle to find that spark of productivity. From tedious zoom meetings to being distracted by our dogs, having a balanced energy for your home office has never been more important. Here are five ways you can achieve that balance, whether your office is your dining room table, kitchen counter, or patio.

1. Get More Houseplants

You know those things that grow outside? Well, let’s bring some of those green babies inside. They have all the properties of an air purifier. There is also no better confidence booster than keeping a succulent alive.  All jokes aside, houseplants reduce stress, boost mood, increase productivity, brighten up even a corner office, AND cleanses the air. Researchers at Exeter University, UK found that indoor plants improve concentration, productivity and boost staff well-being by 47% at work.

2. Find Your Light

Who doesn’t love good lighting? Have you ever been on a video call, and one of your coworkers looks like they’re skyping from a root cellar? Show off your glow by backlighting behind your computer. It’s going to enhance your presence to your coworkers and make you feel better in the process. If you’re not in the market for new lamps, setting up by a window and taking advantage of natural light is just as good as the former. Soak in the vitamin d as you power through the monotony of work emails. Good office lighting is proven to reduce eye strain, fewer mistakes on assignments, and reduces drowsiness. These benefits are part of the theory known as lighting ergonomics.

3. Lock Down Your Social Media

This is more of a discipline thing than a decor vibe, but life changing nonetheless. When it’s crunch time and you got to work, there is nothing sweeter than gazing away from the task at hand upon a juicy social media timeline. Mindless scrolling costs precious minutes, hours, days, and is a sure way to derail a productive work day. There are several ways to prevent Zuckerberg’s siren call, including numerous apps that disable your socials, like: SelfControl, Freedom and Help Me Focus.

4. Stretch on a Rug

The office chair or kitchen stool can leave you achy and sore, so it’s nice to unshackle yourself from the grindstone and stretch out on the rug.  Below are a couple examples of stretches you can do on a brief work break with nothing but a rug. 

Bridging: Lie on your back with both knees bent. Squeeze your buttocks together then slowly lift your buttocks off the floor, keeping your stomach tight and buttocks contracted. Slowly lower and release to the starting position. Hold 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. Perform 2 times per day.

Seated Twist: Cross your left ankle over your straight right leg. Then turn to the right and twist toward your knee. Flex the straight right leg, and relax your shoulders. As you breathe in, try to sit up taller. And as you breathe out, pull your navel in toward your spine to ring out your internal organs and improve mobility in your spine. Hold this pose for three breaths, and then switch to twist to the other side.  

Check out more easy stretches via HERE

5. Surround Yourself with Inspiration

Celebrate yourself! Do you have a written piece you are especially proud of? Frame it and put it on the wall. Look to it in times of despair and procrastination. It is your lighthouse, your beacon of hope when feeling uninspired. Do you have certain artists that give you a boost of energy or nostalgia? Plaster em all over the place! There’s no wrong way to get the spark you need to get things done, as long as it gets done. Hanging up pictures of great artists that always bring you out of a funk. Assembling a portable vision board that is fancily clad in your goals, dreams, or mantras. Even inspiring quotes that get the wheel spinning.


Written by Mike Lester


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