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June 24, 2021

10 Queer Creatives You Should Know

To round out Pride Month, we thought we’d share some of the incredible LGBTQ artists who are operating creatively on a level that inspires us insurmountably!

Orlando-born singer-songwriter Bronze Avery has a sound that makes us want to move. This incredible queer artist has released a handful of powerful singles, each more devious than the last. The looks are to die for as well. In his latest video, “Wild,” Avery girates in a vintage red tracksuit to an infectious beat.

A cis woman that is determined to make a name for herself within the drag community, Creme Fatale is a self identifying cupcake. Noted for foster conversation around what it means to be a hyper feminine drag queen as a cis woman, Creme Fatale is celebrated for her excellence in drag!

A non-binary Chicago-hailing performer with animated music videos as colorful as their hair, @Claud.mp3 leans into themes of romanticism and shows great vulnerability in their subject matter.  They often write song lyrics expressing their experiences with self identity and romance as a queer individual. They have a new album that came out this year called Super Monster out on all platforms. Absolutely 100% worth a listen!

Los Angeles based animator and artist, Robin Eisenberg creates a colorful fantasy world with her art. We love the way she intergrates realistic body images and queer sexualities into her work. Being a big fan of Star Trek influenced Robin’s penchant for aliens and mermaids.  We adore Eisenberg for her dedication to showcase diversity amongst women of all different shapes, sizes and colors.

This Silver Lake, Los Angeles council woman is a non-binary, transgender, drag queen and house representative. They are the very first drag queen to be elected to public office in the US. Working with a platform that pushes LGBTQIA+ rights within the Los Angeles community, Maebe A. Girl is giving a much needed perspective to politics today.

From the incredible mind of DJ Freedem, Trap Gardening is a hilarious IG video series about how to take care of and identify your different house plants. (Also which ones could poison your cheating man!) He posted these hilarious videos as a joke and they quickly became viral. DJ Freedem also has created a platform called the Underground Plant Trade where white people can give money to buy plants or plants as reparation to people of color. How cool!

Originally from Inglewood, @gisforgodoy first fell in love with performing through dancing mexican baile folklorico. She started doing drag at the age of 18 and is noted for her incredible makeup skills. Full of passion and pazzaz for her drag, she’s constantly performing around the city of Los Angeles and posting her lovely glam self all over social media.

A collision of funky r&b and psychedelic soul, the music of Lava La Rue is simply  transformative. This star on the rise has already worked with artists like Tyler the Creator and Christine and the Queens. Growing up, Lava La Rue saw a huge lack of representation in the music industry and is excited to see and support more queer artists of color. Their latest EP, Butter-Fly, came out this year.  The sound is a lovely escape! We highly recommend!

Caroline Liu is a queer muralist and painter with amazingly surreal and colorful pieces of work. In addition to her incredible body of personal work, she has also had notable commissions from Lululemon, Vans and Adidas. Her work is a wonderland and she’s kind enough to share a lot of her creative process over social media!  Follow here!

A Chicago-based nonbinary rapper-singer-songwriter, CJ Run’s love for electronic, hip-hop, and grime music have a major stakes in their sound. With frequent themes of queer love, both platonic and romantic, CJ Run opens new doors of conversation for queer voices and experiences to be heard.


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