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May 1, 2021

One Single at a Time w/ Brennan

An incredible songwriter, singer, and all around stand-up guy, we were excited to grab a moment of Brennan’s time to ask some questions about his inspiration, process, and pandemic realizations. While Brennan is fairly new to the scene, his music shows an incredible talent and depth of character. With a goal to put out “ten more singles in 2021,” we’ll certainly be following his every move!

BLNCD: Hi Brennan! When did you first fall in love with music? 

BRENNAN: When I was 8, me, my dad, and brother formed a jam band and started recording music. I was on the keys/vocals, my dad on the guitar, and my brother on drums. Around the same time, music was always playing in the house (mostly classic rock) and on pop radio to and from school. One artist that really catalyzed my love for music was Usher. If I told you I didn’t know every word to every song on “Confessions”, I’d be lying.

BLNCD: As a recording artist in 2021 how do you navigate your relationship to social media? Are socials a big consideration in the ideation around your visuals or album covers?

BRENNAN: Social media is an interesting beast. On one hand it’s helped me foster amazing relationships with fans, other musicians, and people in the industry. On the other, the pressures of creating high quality content on a consistent basis can be mentally exhausting. It’s all about trying to find that balance, which is not easy! Socials definitely play a role in the ideation of visuals, mainly because each platform allows you to tell a story in so many different ways. Often times when I’m coming up with a new visual concept, I’m planning out the types of social content that could be built around it.

BLNCD: Tell us about your most recent single!

BRENNAN: “Wrecking Ball” explores the power dynamics of a one-sided relationship. Sometimes we become so emotionally attached to somebody that we’re willing to completely overlook any suffering they cause. In some cases, we’d sooner self-destruct than break it off. Although the lyrics are a bit more solemn, the production packs a heavier punch, blending commercial pop with RnB and alternative elements. Also, this is the first song where I was able to incorporate some light rap, which I was excited to do.

BLNCD: Who are your biggest musical influences? 

BRENNAN: The Beatles, Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots, and Quincy Jones. I really admire their work ethic, sense of community, and ability to take creative risks.

BLNCD: Where are you from and how does your origin or sense of home impact your work? 

BRENNAN: I grew up in a pretty peaceful environment amongst the redwood trees. When COVID hit, I temporarily moved back into my childhood home and set up shop. It’s done wonders for my focus and mental state, and has allowed me to grow even closer with my family. There’s no denying that a lot of the elements in my music can be attributed to the hometown origins.  If anything [COVID] helped me concentrate and fine tune my artistic vision. The extra free time has helped me increase my musical output and conquer more goals. 

BLNCD: Do you consider yourself a storyteller? 

BRENNAN: One-hundred percent. Some of my songs tell stories about personal experiences, and some are written about characters that I read about or see in movies. In my song Killa, I tell the story of falling in and out love with a girl I know nothing about… at Trader Joe’s. Other times I like to imagine a character, create a world for them, and write from there. 

BLNCD: What advice do you have for other creatives who are nervous about putting their work out there? 

BRENNAN: My very first release, and now most popular song, “Killa” was sitting on my computer for 2 years before I built up the courage to release it. When I finally did, I found that the positive feedback not only outshined the negative, but the feeling of overcoming that fear motivated me to work even harder. As creatives, one of our most powerful tools is momentum. And at the end of the day, we’re creating art; something so unique that it’s literally never been made before…ever. That’s pretty damn cool in my book!

BLNCD: Are you big on self care? Any rituals? 

BRENNAN: The secret to happiness is exercise, pizza, Ben & Jerry’s.

BLNCD: What are your goals and dreams for 2021? 

BRENNAN: I’d love to release 10 more singles in 2021, continue to build relationships in the industry, land a sync placement, and write/produce for other artists to help them grow! Being able to fully support myself through music would be incredible, and spending more time with friends is a must. 


Watch and listen to Brennan HERE.


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