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March 1, 2022

CBD Body Lotion vs. Lotion

Lotion is an important part of everyday life. ⁠

If you live in a dry climate, lotion can add much-needed moisture to your skin and help hold moisture against evaporation. If you live in a damp climate, lotion helps protect your skin and keep it fresh. However, we need lotion for other reasons, as well. Many people need lotions that soothe an itch, that can tend to especially dry patches, or that don’t trigger breakouts. Most people won’t give up a great lotion once they find it.

So it’s no surprise that CBD body lotions are an increasingly popular personal choice and home remedy.

What is CBD Lotion vs Lotion?

Regular lotion is made of moisturizers and moisture-locking oils. The two elements serve to soften your skin and prevent your skin from losing moisture throughout the day. However, lotion is also the basis for most medical creams that provide some active ingredients like itch reduction.

CBD lotion is body lotion that has been created or infused with CBD-rich cannabis oil. CBD is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The natural elements of CBD oil are not only good for your skin as a nourishing plant oil, but CBD also provides a few unique properties that can provide localized relief when used as a lotion.

Benefits of CBD in Skincare

Cannabis oil is good for your skin. We have been using hemp seed oil as a refreshing facial oil for decades. CBD oil does not cause acne when used in pore-sensitive areas and it has been found to be slightly antibacterial in a lab setting. CBD oil, like many plant oils, is hydrating to the skin and helps to lock in moisture for all-day skin health.

 Full-spectrum hemp oil, extracted from the plant, contains antioxidant benefits for dry and sensitive skin. On the skin, cannabis oil has been found to help regulate your natural oil production, for long-term healthy skin.

How CBD Lotion Works with Your Endocannabinoid System

Of course, the effects of CBD lotion that most people want to hear about are from the CBD itself.

CBD does not pass through the skin’s blood barrier to enter your bloodstream. Instead, the skin itself contains endocannabinoid system receptors that respond to the CBD molecules in your CBD body lotion.

Your endocannabinoid system influences your inflammation response and the pain response in your nervous system. Even when limited only to the receptors in your skin, CBD lotion can potentially soothe swelling or relieve discomfort in joints.


BLNCD Body Revival Lotion

Your skin needs vitamins and nourishment just like the rest of your body. When looking for a good CBD lotion to try, explore BLNCD Body Revival Lotion, one of the few products on the cannabis market formulated by an Esthetician, our own BLNCD Co-founder Daniela Serra.

We start with a luxurious lotion formula designed to promote skin health in any climate. Botanical superstars like aloe leaf juice, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and – yes – hemp seed oil are all just the start of a nourishing blend of oils and vitamins that your skin needs to thrive. To this blend, the Body Revival Lotion formula adds full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, providing the full benefit of whole-plant cannabis oil from both the stalks and the seeds. All the natural anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, entourage effect benefits of cannabis oil enhance how your ECS receptors respond to the CBD lotion.

The Body Revival Lotion formula was designed as not just a lotion or a CBD product, but a solution to your skin health. Soothe discomfort, capture daily moisture, and improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin.


How to Use CBD Body Lotion

The best way to apply CBD body lotion is to gently rub the lotion into clean skin. Use circular motions to help your skin absorb the lotion. You can combine Body Revival Lotion with Revival CBD Body Oil for extra hydration by applying oil to your skin first, then blending in lotion to help both absorb and capture long-lasting moisture.

Looking for the perfect full-spectrum CBD lotion? BLNCD provides a nourishing and powerful formula to enhance your topical or daily skin health routine.


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