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Catching Up with BLNCD Brand Ambassador Maurice “The Crochet Boss” Greene

BLNCD brand ambassador and UFC fighter Maurice Greene aka “The Crochet Boss” is gearing up for his much-anticipated heavyweight rematch against Jeff Hughes this Saturday, March 9th on ESPN+ 4. As an athlete that trains long and hard year-round, Greene swears by BLNCD products to not only ease muscle and joint pain, but also to increase mental clarity and unwind. His much-talked-about crocheting hobby may seem uncharacteristic of an MMA fighter, but to Greene, it’s therapeutic, calming, and helps to center his focus. Known to relax by whipping up a hat in the locker room just before a fight, this top-tier athlete embraces his creative side and looks to natural health and wellness solutions to up his game.
This week, we chat with the “Boss” about his upcoming match and how BLNCD CBD products work for him:

How has BLNCD changed the way you feel on a daily basis? What has improved?


I’m not waking up as sore as I normally feel from working out daily. The biggest improvement that I’m seeing with taking BLNCD religiously throughout the day, is that I am sleeping better, getting better rest, and waking up with more energy.

What are your favorite BLNCD products, and what would be your top recommendations for other athletes?

My favorite product to use would probably be the  BLNCD Chill CBD Oil and I also like the BLNCD CBD Relief Salve as well for small aches and pains.

Your rematch with Jeff Hughes happens this Saturday, March 9th. How are you preparing for that?


The preparation is the same. It was a short notice fight to begin with, but we’ve fought once before. The difference this time is, I will follow the game plan to a T and get my hand raised.

What is your favorite thing to crochet before a big fight? How does it help you relax?


My favorite thing to crochet before fight is probably a hat. That’s what I do well. My stitches are impeccable and I stand behind my product. The way it keeps me relaxed is that it takes my mind off thinking about all the situations in the fight, because when you crochet all you can do is think about the next stitch.

Catch Maurice Greene vs. Jeff Hughes on UFC Fight Night on ESPN+4, this Saturday, March 9th at 4pm. More info and ways to watch:


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